Lyra Pramuk



Devotional singing, in its essence, embodies the deepest human impulse : to express our most intimate and primal emotions. For Lyra Pramuk, devotion is rooted in her futuristic folk music, which harnesses the power and vertigo of technology to present the human voice as an object of unlimited possibilities. Growing up singing in choirs, Lyra struggled to free herself from the images and expectations of her small Pennsylvania town, creating for herself a deep and complex inner world, free from notions of presentation and acceptable knowledge of the real world.

Inspired by avant-garde, path-breaking heroines such as Björk, Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk, M.I.A. and Missy Elliot, Lyra finds her voice in reinterpreting/breaking the rigid structures of classical music, using songcraft as a tool to short-circuit the architectures that the real world tries to impose on us.

Lyra's immersion in the Berlin techno scene would inspire her early works and collaborations, bringing her sonic intimacy to the dancefloor. The deep embrace of a spirituality unfettered by imposed orthodoxies guides her compositional and performance processes. Body and spirit enter trance states during live performances, both fully immersed in a world in which sound is an extension of our physical bodies and conscious desires : an instrument of positive change, an ongoing process of liberation.

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