Objekt is TJ Hertz, a producer and DJ living in Berlin. Born in Tokyo to British-American and Filipino parents, Hertz grew up in Belgium and the United Kingdom before settling in Berlin in 2009.

Known primarily for his mind-boggling club productions he quickly gained support from the likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre, while also building a reputation as one of the best DJs of his generation. Selected as Mixmag's DJ of the Year in 2018, Objekt's sound thrives in festival tents and basements alike. His DJ style is equal parts wild and hyper-focused, making full use of technique and technology to surprise and entertain, while paying little attention to genre or BPM and feeding on spontaneity and connection with the crowd. Hertz's DJing is unpredictable: one night he might dive into a half-dozen genres in search of a wild party vibe; another night he might lead you by the hand through a terrifying psychedelic wormhole of self-discovery.

Hertz's creative activities are unified by his quality control (his production is sporadic, but meticulously detailed and never less than exceptional) and his genre agnostic approach (he crosses traditional divisions in both his productions and DJ sets). His work is influenced by a highly technical background: alongside his work as a producer and DJ, he continues to work part-time as an engineer for the music software company Native Instruments, where he develops audio and machine learning algorithms, as well as instruments and FX.

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