The Bug ft. Flowdan



The Bug and Flowdan are two legendary figures,almost as legendary as their collaborations. For two decades of projects, Kevin Martin, the visionary producer behind The Bug, has fearlessly shifted the balance of the British urban sound, while Flowdan's distinctive vocal style and flow have achieved cult status throughout the grime timeline. Initially conceived as an alternative soundtrack to the classic film "The Conversation," The Bug quickly evolved into a platform for Martin to explore his fascination with Jamaican dancehall, grime, and hip hop. Flowdan, on the other hand, rose to prominence with Pay As You Go before becoming a founding member of grime pioneers Roll Deep and one of the most recognizable MCs in the entire grime scene, thanks to his distinctive voice and flow. Together over the course of their varied collaborations, they have created a sound that defies any categorization, infusing ragga and dark grime into dubstep soundscapes with rolling bass lines.

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