Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet present PSYCHO CHAT



Amnesia Scanner is the Berlin-based Finnish duo Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala. Founded in 2014, the group’s scope encompasses music writing, production, and performance, as well as its creative staging and circulation. Characterized by a deep fascination with system vulnerabilities, informational overload, and sensory excess, Amnesia Scanner carnivalizes the present.

They are debuting for the first time with Freeka Tet at Lost Music Festival 2024. FREEKA TET is a French-born, New York City-based digital artist and creative mercenary working in the realm of experimental art. His practice combines objects, prosthetics, animatronics, hacking, coding, electronics, audio & video plunderphonics, bricolage, and performance-based work.

Taking inspiration from internet culture, memes, trolls, and irrational social human behaviour, Tet reinterprets the elements he comes into contact with, blurring creative expression with technical execution. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries such as Google IO, Mutek, Fondation Cartier, Art Basel and more.

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