James K


A version of James K was born. Comprised of bones, reactive metals and a larynx with freckled eyes that catalyze that mix, she can now see through all the schemes. This is the truth. When she chews gum, it’s not clear which one of her personas does it. Since their first release in 2013, describing them separately is grunt work as they switch places, cosplay each other and would most likely lull you into a lonesome dream. Together, they know how to produce, sound, film and edit. Thus, they are brought to the table, performing and DJing in clubs and theatres, along with composers and musicians alike. She produces music that makes a temporary haven for indomitable lyrics – and these are in constant flux. You can check what they are here: [917 908-1173]. It’s only a part of her fairly detailed world. A world that she abandons and then builds upon.

Take a sip of water before your memory error blinks. Dial to K. Listen to the defragmented territory and the cast of it she’s making. It might not be what you will have thought tomorrow.

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