(Labyrinth Original Sound Track) is the world's largest Labyrinth art and electronic music festival.

Italian and international musicians, light installations and digital experiments immersed in the bamboo forest or at the foot of the pyramid at the center of the maze. A journey across musical and artistic boundaries in which the viewer is invited to get completely lost in the Labyrinth, dancing to the notes of its soundtrack. The Labyrinth of the Masone, opened in 2015 in Fontanellato (Parma), is a park of seven hectares formed by more than 200,000 bamboo plants and is the result of the dreams and visions of Franco Maria Ricci, esteemed publisher as well as graphic artist and refined collector.

LOST organizes special events related to contemporary languages, interweaving experience, experimentation and art, in search of a beauty that also generates emotion, to be found in the most elaborate creations of man, as in ephemeral things and nature.

Artists Edition