LOST Music Festival - Ed. II

@Masone labyrinth

Line-up: Advanced Audio Research / Aeery / BF (Høt Collective) / Caterina Barbieri / Desire Marea / Eartheater / Eternal Entropy / Sweatshirt / GATE (Høt Collective) / Gabber Eleganza / Heith / John Glacier / Juliana Huxtable / Lee Gamble / Leo Ferretti / Clandestine Light / Mourning Slow / Marina Herlop / Michael Mills / Soundwalk by MU / Nehe H / object blue / Oklou / Otis / Piezo / Rapala700 (Spiritual Sauna) / Riccardo La Foresta "Drummophone" Installation / Sister Effect / Smerz / Somne / Black Drums / Tybet "Drone Divinorum" Installation / Tragedy Thompson / TSVI / Val Grande / Virginia W + Total Victory (Spiritual Sauna) - "I saw in the eyes of a generation the curiosity and energy with which to open up to a new world and enjoy: the beauty of music and being together." The Independent - "LOST has created a special and indelible energy." i-D - "A festival where things are done with care and you touch the production with your hand, sowing gems that can truly become community." Hearhear

Vipra's Musica Jao Show + Spiritual Sauna


Borgo delle Colonne,
Vipra is a group born in Rome from a mixture of Lento Violento, cryptodance, Mediterranean poetry and noise media-leaks. Nicknamed Musica Jao, their musical style is an amalgam of stealthy melodies and wicked techno-folk, energetic vocals and slow beat drops. Released by independent label Presto!?, VIPRA's latest all-Italian release ("Musica Jao") has attracted the attention of the experimental music industry worldwide. "MUSICA JAO is the music of Presenturo. In a timeless time, there's no waiting, no perspective. There's only Pre! Pre! Pre! Presenturo!" - Closing, DJ set by Spiritual Sauna (aka Rapala700 & Virginia W.), the party for angels and fantastic creatures born under the sign of Scorpio to bring pure positive energy and deep community bonding as we travel together into hyperspace.

72-Hour Post Fight

@Old Hospital

via D'Azeglio,
Electronic music with an experimental matrix, with elements of jazz, math rock and emo: an explosive mixture born from a friendship, from the sharing of a passion (for music) between Carlo aka Fight Pausa and Luca aka Palazzi D'Oriente. Their debut album, released by La Tempesta Dischi, and their explosive live shows won over critics and audiences: "a record that doesn't give a damn about genres and can do good for Italian music, there's no one like 72-HOUR POST FIGHT" - Noisey - Opening act Michael Mills, Parmesan producer, performer and beatmaker of experimental hip hop, the man behind the music for rapper Deepho's album "Chiaro", one of the most interesting emerging projects of this 2021.

Paolo Angeli

@Pons Lapidis

Piazza Ghiaia,
Improvisation is the beating heart of Paolo Angeli's performances. He has arrived at a Mediterranean avant-garde music, a synthesis of language in which he has placed traditional Sardinian music in a contemporary context. Angeli combines the avant-garde with the rituality of traditional song, evoking open spaces and combining submerged worlds with ancestral Sardinia. His guitar-orchestra (an 18-string instrument, a hybrid of baritone guitar, cello and drums, equipped with hammers, pedals, variable pitch propellers) achieves here the timbre range and sound pressure of a post-rock ensemble, through an innovative contemporary language that Angeli inlays with an emotive vocality.